Copart Yard at the Texas World Speedway racing grounds following
      Hurricane Harvey.

Our Story

TNT Security Solutions was founded by Tracy and Travis Lacox in Central East Texas, and quickly became one of the largest off-duty law enforcement security companies in the nation. TNT Security Solutions, “TNT”, became well known for their experience, expertise, and ability to secure any venue, business, or event.

Tracy (pictured right) and
        Travis (pictured left) Lacox. Founders of TNT Security Solutions and
        BadgeHire Corporate Services.

As TNT grew, they recognized their client's needs we're beyond the scope of off-duty law enforcement. As such, TNT turned its focus on providing a premier guard force to better serve their clients. At the same time, BadgeHire Corporate Services was created to continue TNT's longstanding service of providing off-duty law enforcement across the United States.

Our management team consists of current and former law enforcement, experienced private security leaders, and other seasoned business professionals. This diverse background allows TNT to help our clients with their security needs, and as of 2023, we provide our guards with internal Level 3 and 4 training in order to tackle whatever your job may entail.

At TNT, we put our clients first and ensure our guard force has the knowledge, training, and tools needed to be effective. This allows us to uphold our two core beliefs:

Stop leaving your security to chance. Let TNT Security Solutions tailor a security plan to your every need, and ensure the safety of your property, employees, and customers.

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